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2010, 06-21

Highlands Neighborhood Minutes

June 21, 2010

Board members present:  Myrna Coleman, Jim Klein, Rose Klein, Michelle Bohan Brown, Kris Meek, Rod Hubbard, Tami Soper and Andrew Brown.
Rod Hubbard made a motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting as printed.  Seconded by Michelle Bohan Brown.  Approved.
Rod Hubbard made a motion to accept the treasurer's report as printed.  Seconded by Kris Meek.  Approved.
Michelle Bohan Brown made a motion to accept the standing rules as printed.  Seconded by Rose Klein.  Approved.
Kris Meek, Pool Party chairman, reported that they have had two pool party meetings.  Myrna got 2 red plastic Adirondack chairs from QP Ace and Rod Hubbard got a backpack cooler from West Gate Bank.
Kris Meek asked for articles for the newsletter.  The newsletter needs to be delivered July 9-11.  The Boy Scouts will deliver the newsletter.  The Pool Party will be Saturday, July 17th from 6 to 7:30 pm.
Rose Klein suggested that we give out hot dogs, bags of chips and pop to the attendees at the Pool Party since we cannot charge for anything.  The city requires a $100 permit and $100 worth of insurance for the event if we charge for anything.  There was a question about how much money we could spend on the Pool Party. Myrna Coleman will check our prices at Sam's Club for food for about 200 people.  The Pool Party committee will meet next Wednesday at 8 pm at Toast Bar.
Michelle Bohan Brown presented her membership committee report of people who responded to the garage sale questionnaire.  Eighty-six questionnaires were sent out, of the 26 that came back only 5 were members.  The results of the questionnaire:  9 out of 26 want to be contacted when their membership expires, 5 out of 26 left the e-mail contact blank, 20 out of 26 want e-mail notification of the newsletter, 19 out of 26 want e-mail notification about garage sales.  If she calls former members she could get e-mail addresses so we could send out garage sale and special meeting information.
The next meeting will be Monday, July 19, 2010 at 7:30 at Sandhills Publishing.