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2008, 07-14

Highlands Neighborhood Association Minutes

July 14, 2008

Board members present:  Myrna Coleman, Tami Soper, Dianna Wright, Kris Meek, Rose Klein, Jim Klein, Andrew Brown, Michelle Brown, Tommy Taylor and Bill Schlautman.  Members and guests:  Craig Gubbels, Jeremiah Blake and Brad Kort.
Craig Gubbels of First Star Fiber Corp. donated four $32 four-month free Recycle Bank gift certificates.  He said that it is a recycling program that rewards homeowners based on the amount of recycling they do.  Recycle Bank provides a 68 gallon cart with once a week pick up for $8 per month.  Radio Control Frequency (RFID) tags on each cart   With each 100 points or 33 lbs of recycling you get free or reduced redemptions from local businesses.  Check the website at
Michelle Brown made a motion to accept the minutes of the June 30 meeting.  Seconded by Andrew Brown.  Approved.  Tami Soper made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as printed.  Seconded by Dianna Wright.  Approved.
Kris Meek showed two different mock-ups of a HNA Banner one mostly blue and one multicolored.  Dianna Wright made a motion to take a vote on which color to use.  Seconded by Jim Klein.  Approved.  The vote was taken and multicolored won.
Kris Meek ordered two dozen assorted colors t-shirts in a 50/50 blend at about $150 plus tax.  Dianna Wright made a motion to pay for printing the t-shirts.  Seconded by Kris Meek.  Approved.
The board members listed the prizes and going over the plans for the Pool Party on Saturday, July 19th.  Myrna Coleman said that ACE QP will probably donate some kind of chair.  For kids prizes we have seven beach towels, six giant squirt guns, 16 medium squirt guns, and Amigos coupons, six sandwich coupons and 10 cookie coupons.  Tommy Taylor said that Coca Cola would donate Coke Zero and bottled water, six 12 packs of each, enough for 150 people.
Jeff Cumblidge will be the hot dog vendor.  Rose Klein will bring the squirt guns to give kids as they pay $1 to swim.  We will all meet at the pool at 5 p.m. for the Pool party.
Myrna Coleman asked the board’s opinion.  Optometrist Dr. Bateman wants to have a drawing at the Pool Party for sunglasses.  The general feeling was that if he wanted to donate sunglasses to the Pool Party we would be interested, but we do not want to set a precedent of allowing businesses to solicit at our events.  We will continue to advertise businesses by giving them recognition for their donations.  Jim Klein made a motion to table the discussion.  Seconded by Dianna Wright.  Approved.
Jim Klein made a motion that Tommy Taylor use the Wal-Mart gift card to buy six or eight bags of ice to cool the pop and water.  Seconded by Bill Schlautman.  Approved.
This meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.  The board stayed to load goodie bags to be given to kids as they leave the Pool Party.