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2014 Holiday Lighting Contest

The judging is complete and we have our winners for the HNA 2014 Holiday Lighting Contest.


1. Dax Scott, 5330 NW3rd - $50 Hy-Vee Gift Card

2. Jeff & Julie Schadt, 5108 NW 10th
2 months free, L&W Garbage service


3. Bryan Miller, 1107 W Keating Dr

2 months free, L&W Garbage service


4. Ron Freeman, 5741 NW 11th

Beverage cooler from QP Ace Hardware


5. Matt & Connie Stephens, 5424 NW4th St

$25 Down the Hatch Gift Card


6. Simon & Debra Rezac, 5601 NW 11th Cir

$25 U-Stop Gift Card


7. David & Wendy Steiner, 5308 NW 7th St.

$20 DeLeon's Gift Card


8. Chad Urwin, 504 W Keating Cir

Pizza Hut Family Meal Deal


9. Aaron & Abbie Pembleton, 5320 NW 3rd

Pizza Hut Family Meal Deal


10. Dave & Gail Larsen, 5633 NW 11th Cir

Pyrex carry set from West Gate Bank


Congratulations to all our winners!! Happy Holidays!

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